About Me!!!

My name is Chase and I am very strange. If you know me, you will understand that I will never change. I like dogs and cats and socialize in friendly chats. My favourite food is sushi and each week, I would always watch a movie. I have a cute dog, his name is Makana and you may sometimes see him in a bandana. He has huge eyes and chews on almost everything. He may be new to the house but he acts like the king (then again, he is a Cavelier KING Charles Spaniel). I like video games from Minecraft to Kirby! I know they are kid┬ábased but please don’t judge me. I can be funny in the weirdest way, but I can’t come up with anymore┬árhymes so have a nice day!

All Hail King Makana The Almighty

Here is the link to my old avatar post last year. The website I used to create it is in that post.

My Avatar